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Apr. 2nd, 2005

That was an interesting 10 hour sleep. I had a very story-like dream. If I'd have been more motivated, I'd have written it all down sooner.


I was on a group tour somewhere out of state complete with tour bus, and was wandering around searching. For what, I don't know. But I was wandering around some nearby grassland. It was a bright clear day. I was off on my own, and could see a building in a nearby copse of trees. This was in a very small town, maybe this was a historical site. I remember something something about a dog, or some kind of animal. It didn't like me. I forget what happened, but I got away.

I got back to everybody else and we piled on the bus. The tour group was mostly college freshmen & sophomores. I was apparently in class with some of them. We got dropped off at a parking lot after the tour. There was some guys having trouble with their car who hadn't gone on the tour, and they were hassling this girl who was parked next to them about a ride. They seemed very sketchy. She starts backing away and they step closer. Then I get her attention and she hops in my car and we race off. It seemed like we were in Syracuse, from what I remember. Car chase ensues, for the bad guys didn't really have car trouble. I weave around town before making my way to the highway and heading south.

We drive back home, but she doesn't say much. I think she slept for half the ride once she got over the shock. But we get back to wherever home is, and I drop her off at the school before heading home. There's a block party I'm heading to that evening, and so I get ready and head out. There's a nearby business, maybe a Jiffy Lube. I peer into the windows just to see what's inside, and two guys walk up. One talks about wanting me to "buy some of his product". He shows me some freaky easy-refill lighter, and I say no thanks and walk back to the party, guessing he was looking for somebody else. Don't know what the rest of his "product" was. End up at a table in a parking lot chatting with a bunch of folks and hanging around. I get some props for helping that girl from some mutual friends. Some time later, I spot the girl I helped getting dropped off at the party. She's wearing a pulled-up hoodie now. I only recognized her because she stood up out of the car and then pulled the hood up. I don't walk over or wave, since she didn't seem too chatty earlier. As time passes, it seems like she's circling the party but I never quite catch her looking at me, at least the hood's usually covering a lot of her face. Eventually she walks over next to me and pulls back the hood. She's smiling, not a huge grin but the smile of a skeptic who finally genuinely believes ... and she was about to say something ... when I woke up.


One LONG dream. I don't know much about the "meaning" of dreams, but I know mine are usually very vivid (thank you, imagination & visualization). Sometimes they break into separate mostly unrelated scenes, but this one was pretty cohesive.

- Pookah

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