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Wow. Got enough done to be reasonable. In enough time to send stuff out and get lunch comfortably, and to have enjoyed last night's symphony. I was a little uncomfortable at times last night ... and I got hit with the weirdest sudden panic attack just as the symphony was beginning. I don't know what it was or where it came from, but it was not pretty. Maybe it was all those people behind me (we were 6th row). Maybe it was due to my stomach. Maybe it was my hermit-like existence lately. I mean, I just checked, and I've driven all of 500 miles in the past month and a half. Normally that's an average two weeks, or one bad one. I don't know. I hope to avoid too many pranks today ... I might be anxious enough to overreact.

But I don't feel too bad, since I got that webpage polished up enough for show. Phew. I've got to finish the rest by next Thursday COB. Interesting deadline, probably coinciding with my endoscopy. Should be meetable, at the pace I was going yesterday. No one can accuse me of slacking, I just probably could have spread out my hard-core working over more days.

We'll see how long I can keep going. I did get a small nap this morning, and I don't feel as weird as yesterday. Probably stress. Tonight, it's dinner at our place. I think I'll hit the MVA and take care of my slightly-overdue registration. Got me pulled over last Friday on my way to dinner. Friends on their way there passed me and recognized my car so I got a rum and coke upon walking in the door. Since I've got to go during business hours, I might as well do it now, when I can claim to be napping. I know I already got my hours covered and my next deadline isn't until Sunday. Besides, what better time to be waiting in line at the MVA than when you're already half-delusional?

- Pookah

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