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Wow ... tough part #2 of this hellacious project is working! Finally. After working the weekend getting part #1 functional (on a shared development box), I had to spend the early part of this week setting up my own development box to replace the one that got

So yesterday I got back into the coding, though it wasn't until today that I fully back up to speed. I basically had to dissect the working site and figure out where everything was and how it was reporting what it was doing as it went so I would have more to go on when it didn't give me what I expected. Two paths diverging in a wood, the server'd never go where you expect. So I reverse-engineered some borrowed software, figured out some API's, and then was able to figure out that not only was my code not able to get the form information being submitted, but that due to a bad reference to "this" the right numbers weren't being passed anyway, and that error was being hidden because it was already moving to the next page before I could catch it.

So where am I? Step 1: Main GUI done. Step 2: Preview results done. Step 3: Apply results permanently. May be able to "borrow" half the code to do this.

If I get this done today ... I am SO going to enjoy having Irish Car Bombs tonight. Talk about a load off my back.

- Pookah

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