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I've got three or four trains of thought going, and none of them with any particular destination.

Primary focus: this code that should be working. I've been basically left to my own devices to figure out how this thing works, and at least now I've got a working version all my own to bang out and test out as needed to find out what makes it tick. Picking it apart. It's the interesting challenge, but I keep looking back at all the things that I would've given myself walking into this project that I didn't originally plan on being involved in for very long.

Now it's my main job every day. And ... it's the challenge without the references and the camaraderie. I miss that, I really do. And I look at this, and it's true I haven't been applying myself 100%, but it's really hard for me to do that when there really wasn't much of an outstretched hand to help me get moving. I mean, I like being part of a team. Part of that whole easier to do stuff for others thing. So I guess I had expectations of assistance, figuring that once I was up to speed I could be a bigger help ... and wow, it just wasn't there until this past week. It's just so much tougher to ask the little questions over email. The trivia.

Blah. There I go, being introspective and stalling when I should be working. I just isolated the problem at least. Let's see if I can come up with a patch. That's the only problem with how my brain works sometimes: I have to know the system back and forth to make that quick recall really pay off for me on the job. There's a good analogy ... I've got a brain like a protein-folding algorithm.

Back to breaking software someone else decided to use and never even bothered to detail, explain, or even list.

- Pookah

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