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I make plenty of headway, then hit a new stopping point at around 2:30 am. Take a break, finish a mission in a game to decompress then hit the sack. Feeling accomplished, I sleep reasonably well though I'm a bit warm. Dreamed something about a school similar to my old middle school, I remember something about a restricted area near the gym where there's a bunch of us that make a break for it. A guard dog comes after me and latches onto my arm and pulls me back to the "public" space. I wake up, remembering some of it but still groggy. Remember working, remember the problem I had hit, realize that my current error handling could be causing the problem quietly. Still logged in, I patch the code and recompile. Then I try to start the webserver, and sudo isn't working with the same password that worked a few hours ago. Intriguing. I figure someone else did something.

Yeah, someone did. In Denmark. Some jerk rooted the box. ASSHOLE! STUPID HACKING ASSHOLE! LEAVE MY DEV SERVER ALONE YO MALINGERING MISTAKE OF A HACKNEYED WHORE! Bastard. Deadline back to doomed.


Back to setting up my own ... if I've got all the latest code, and there's no guarantee of that outside of my code.

- Pookah

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