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I never thought eating a ham sandwich would be a breakthrough.

Saturday I went swimming, followed by the usual group dinner outing. I got the tuna steak, with some chicken corn chowder. After dinner, some card playing and vodka ... apparently some hard liquor is Atkins-friendly, and I was playing cards with some friends on the diet. Later in the evening, I still felt just as full as I did after I ate. Drinking water didn't make it go away. I went upstairs to be by myself, and hoped to make it through the night. Much to the contrary. I lost my meal, ran a fever, alternated between hot flashes and cold sweats, and spent the night dizzily turning over and over. My Sunday was wasted, because I was just demolished. Standing up was a challenge, I couldn't walk fast, and I had zero appetite. My back hurt from not sleeping well and not moving much. I still had a fever late last night, so I preemptively called in for Monday. I got a good night's sleep, making up for Saturday night. I still feel a little sore and I'm still dealing with not having much solid food on Sunday, but I'm improving. As I said, I never thought eating a ham sandwich would be a breakthrough. Still no appetite, but I knew I had to eat something.

The thing that bugs me is that I hate doing it today. I had a deadline for today that I expected to do work on Sunday to hit. It sucks, because I know it seems like a convenient excuse when it's actually been completely inconvenient to me. Well, I'll try to do something a little later so I don't feel like so much of a slacker. Granted, my last timesheet was 110 hours (and I am a salaried employee), so it's not like they're completely down on me, but still.

- Pookah


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Mar. 1st, 2005 02:47 pm (UTC)
I hope you're feeling better today!

I do hope you'll talk Deb into coming to Indy because I would love love love to see her while you are at Gencon. :D
Mar. 2nd, 2005 06:02 am (UTC)
My health is better. Still working on the appetite. I passed on the message, and she chuckled. That's a good sign. Help me work on her, and maybe together we can convince her. For her own good. =)

- Pookah
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