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Feb. 24th, 2005

From recent mention of semi-famous people, I had a mental runaround about fanboyishness, particularly my own. I've been able to keep it more in check lately, though I still get bounce-off-the-walls excited about musical shows that I'm really looking forward to. I accept that I'm wired that way, but I'm glad I can keep from turning into a total obsessive screaming vegetable when I see people I think are cool/talented.

But moving on, I guess I've gotten some public demand for the story of Pookah Item #3. The reward. Thank goodness for the statute of limitations, for this was a while ago.

In my old neighborhood, there was a park in the middle of a block. It was surrounded by houses, with a sidewalk that led back to it from the road. I was 7, and part of the neighborhood gang of kids. Gang as in passel as opposed to disorganized crime. We were playing football and someone got tackled into somebody's shed. It was done up like an Old West fort in wood, and it gave way. We weren't going to just leave these sharp pointy bits poking out. We could get injured. So we pulled off the broken parts. From there, we pretty much got into it and dismantled the shed's exterior, leaving the skeleton of shelves with tools and fertilizer. We dragged the broken bits of lumber off to our tree fort in the nearby woods, more because it would look neat than to hide the evidence. Whenever it was that they noticed, they posted signs all over the area. All us kids panicked. I mean ... that was 100 dollars! You could get all kinds of things with that kind of money! From a 7 year old's perspective at least. We nearly organized a mass runaway & hideout in the fort, you know, lay low until the fuzz lays off the heat. I still laugh, imagining us all carrying off armloads of broken wood off into the trees. That may have saved us, because we probably carried off everything that had our fingerprints on it.

So there you have it. Granted, this isn't the only time I was wanted, just the first. I am a pookah after all. But those are stories for another time. Maybe if you ask nicely. But no collecting on those rewards now ... ;)

- Pookah

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