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I feel like dirt. Absolute dirt. Brain full of crapola. The sinus headache that caught my wife last night has gotten me in its grip and I am now not the BMOC in my own head. Oww.

At least the weekend went alright. Started off making some small tweaks to a website I'd already deployed during the week. Then went over and helped a friend replace his faucet. Thank goodness it was PVC, made it go quickly. We played Blood Bowl while our wives had an adventurous trip to Blockbuster involving a one-man gauntlet out front who'd kicked around a lot of trash and spit on an employee. Joy. Eventually came swimming (indoor heated pools rock!) and dinner. My sister told me "I so want that sweatshirt." It was a Pittsburgh Penguins sweatshirt, and she's been a penguins fanatic for years. Not the hockey team, the animal. Penguins and seals. So I gave it to her to keep. I had actually been thinking myself about reasonable ways to part with many of the shirts I own, for I now have way too many though 90% have sentimental value. Post-dinner my wife went home to sleep off the headahce, and I polished off the night with a return trip to my friend's place to finish the game and play some cards in front of a blazing fireplace. Ahh, blessed warmth.

Today was brunch with some of the same people I've seen for ... oh ... four days straight now. It's weird, but cool. Then we split off to shop for stuff. My wife and I headed out to shop for sofas, as ours is woefully in need of replacement or repair. In our case, we're going for replacement. I might post some of the furniture we found later. Including a really cool chaise lounger, some different couches, and some nice "rising" coffee tables. Since eating while sitting on the sofa watching TV has become common in our household, having a coffee table that makes it more convenient would be a plus over using stools or folding tables.

Now don't cry for me, I'll survive this headache. And I'll spare you most nasty snot descriptions (but leave a nice mental image in your head, haha!). I doubt I'm headed anywhere tonight, and I've got some writing to do tomorrow.

It will be nice to have a comfy new couch down here.

- Pookah

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