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Phew. I survived the uber-life-eating Java project and delivered something working. Next up, the website that time forgot. Or at least my requirements forgot. As in, I've got pictures, and I'm supposed to make a demo page to show them off ... and ... that's about it. Well, I've got a little more than that, but not much.

And now, another project was finally reviewed, and they want some things changed by Monday. I told the project lead on the other project I've been working on that I was going to use some time this weekend to catch up on what wasn't going to be done this week so I could be caught up for Monday. Fat chance of that now.

However, several of my friends have gotten sick this week. As in ILL. As in world-go-the-hell-away-my-head-hurts ill. I have been lucky, so far. I guess this is the best time of year to be working from home more. Less contact with the outside world means less germs. And if anything was going to be passed around the Halo party, I'd have gotten it. So get-well wishes and good drugs to all of you who ail.

I swear, I really want to clone myself, then split up and help all of my friends. And that includes you folks here, too. It's that pesky conscience thing I've got. I can't help the feeling ... even when I know it's gotten me into trouble before. So I'll stick to reining in the impulse instead of starting the Pookah Winter Sucks! World Tour 2005.

  • A box of Tylenol Flu and a home-cooked meal

  • Some help with boxing and a clue-by-four to be used on the person of your choice

  • A long chat over a good hot beverage

  • Encouraging words and a new pair of shoes

  • Party assistance to help aid the de-stressifying

  • An additional pair of hands, because even I can't give extra time in the week

  • A few job openings that will interest you AND pay reasonably

  • A good night's sleep

  • And a ticket "out of Dodge", as long as you have a plan

And that's just for some of you from online, and would only kick off the tour. You know what, I need to start a foundation and run my own charity. If I had funding.

So I'm thinking good thoughts to you, and hopefully these bad things will "Go 'way."

- Pookah


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Feb. 13th, 2005 12:37 am (UTC)
Thanks. :) And the clue-by-four made me smile...I know a lot of people of could use this device.
Feb. 14th, 2005 03:51 pm (UTC)
I'll take one "Out of Dodge", 2 extra hands and all the drugs you can find please. Long talk over hot beverage would be nice too. ALso, one well paying job tha tI like to do please. At least I'm healthy now. The plague has passed me by! Hallelujah!
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