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A snafu ate my post yesterday, but suffice it to say that my huge Super Bowl Saturday party was huge and a success. The only thing that went horribly wrong was some cheese that got stuck in my oven, burning and smoking enough to set off my smoke alarm. I'd never have thought that DiGiorno would tick me off like that. Still hours and hours and hours of gaming was so much fun. 3 televisions around the house, plus a screen being projected onto the wall in the living room. We had 12 Halo 2 players, along with one guy who was around to chat and hang out. Vision problems basically ruled that out. Still, there was tons of gaming to go around. Even some of the Halo 2 rookies had fun. And for once with video games, I was one of the rookies. At least by comparison. At certain games, I was able to contribute. At other times I just plain sucked. Still, I held my own in our 2 hour game of "Swordball". I even managed to win one of the stages. And I captured the flag twice in one of our long games of CTF.

There was non-Halo gaming, too. Hunter: the Reckoning 2 (subtitled Redeemer) got a lot of play, as did some MechAssault, DOA: Xtreme Beach Volleyball, and Fusion Frenzy. It was well over 24 hours of gaming. I managed to keep the mess under control, and around 8 am Sunday morning there were sleeping gamers sprawled all over my house. Quite the party.

By comparison, the Super Bowl was uber-lowkey. Just me and Niy, and he was only around for the second half. Thankfully, all this gaming flipped my motivation back around, so I was able to get a lot of programming done last night. I got a working demo together for the software I'm supposed to deliver, and was able to spend most of the day conversing with the project lead about the needed improvements and how to make them happen. I hope it all turns out.

- Pookah

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