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I'm surprised I haven't seen more questions. Then again, I haven't been terribly interesting lately. Finished played Fable on the X-Box. Got to Disc 2 of 2 of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Even made some headway on Castlevania on the Gameboy Advance. So plenty of gaming for me.

And plenty of work stuff got done along the way, too. I haven't been a total slacker. The big project still looms large, but thankfully my piece isn't extra complicated. I do need to deliver it this week, but if I can survive it, I'll be just fine.

And activity-wise, things are looking generally up. I'm going to tomorrow night's MC Chris show at the Ottobar in Baltimore. It should be a blast. This is the MC Chris of "Fett's Vette" and Cartoon Network fame. So that would be nerd fame, but fame nonetheless. He's hysterical, and relatively musically talented.

Things are also looking up for Saturday's massive multiplayer gaming fest at my house. We've got the XBoxes squared away, we've now got an additional TV coming, and I may even have convinced one of my friends to borrow a projector from his office to point at the wall. WHICH WOULD ROCK! Wall-size Halo 2. Talk about a way to blow your mind.

The only bad news was that two conventions I planned to attend this summer are now conflicting. This year, Otakon in Baltimore and GenCon in Indianapolis are scheduled for the same weekend. That's HORRIBLE. Particularly because one of my friends skipped a few trips and is planning to go to GenCon with us this year, but I REALLYREALLYREALLY don't want to miss Otakon this year ... for reasons I'll discuss later, if they pan out. But I'm crossing my fingers, saying my prayers, and wishing on every star I can find for this one. If I get it, I'll walk away from the whole trip out of town. Trust me, it'd worth it.

- Pookah

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