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I've gone and thrown my sleep schedule off again. Worse yet, I slept badly last night and my back has been killing me all day. So sleeping isn't high on my list right now. May also be partly due to concern over what the future holds. There's a lot up in the air right now. A lot of questions to which I have no answers yet, just suspicions.

And worse yet ... all I can do ... is sleep on it.

Times like these the best way to unburden the brain is to find a sounding board. Maybe I should start a sign-up sheet. For chat times over a beverage of your choice, at a bar or coffeeshop of my choice somewhere around town. Sounds like a fair trade, improved peace of mind for a few beverages.

It's hard to explain. I'm not greatly bothered. Just stuck with this sense of impending. Of being on several edges at once, under many Damoclean swords.

We'll see. Tomorrow more escapism and football, probably. And hopefully a better back.

- Pookah


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Dec. 19th, 2004 06:14 pm (UTC)
How to say without sounding trite?

You know me. I know you. If needed, I have tomorrow off; I'd have to beg a ride, but I'd be yours for the whole day. You know where I am, and how to reach me. Think on it.

I should dig up my Damoclean-sword poem and send it to you. If I still have it. Hmm.
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