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Well, today I've attacked the leafpiles outside [briefly], attacked the codepile I need to finish for a review tomorrow [not so briefly], and kept one ear on either ESPNEWS or the Electronica digital music channel. The musical surprise of the day was hearing Mike Doughty's voice on that channel. Apparently, it looks like he did a song with BT called Never Gonna Come Back Down. Fascinating.

In my Sunday night soccer league, I started out as a goalie, as much to get back into it slowly as any real desire to play the position. Our team has really turned it around (and shuffled a few spots). The team as it stands is now reliable people and a good crew. We won our semi-final last night over the one team that beat us this season, and because a couple of our players couldn't play against them that night, a few malcontents on their team accused us of having brought in ringers. Yeah, sure, whatever. Actually having substitutes helped, too. At least it wasn't everybody on their team that was jackasses. Some of them were all right.

But the big news for me was that I scored! Twice! We won like 9-4. It was a big step for me, since I think that's the first time I put the ball in the net myself.

I hope we win the championship next week, because our team is taking a season off, and I'd rather go out on a high note. Basically, the team manager was getting stuck with the bill because some players hadn't paid or something, so she said she wasn't going to register us for the next season. Since it's like $40 a person, that's not chump change if it's 2 or 3 players. Basically, someone on the team is going to collect our names and numbers or something, and we'll get back together in March. We've got a good core team, so as long as we can keep it going, we're doing really well.

Well, back to the code ... backed by Orbital's new album ...

- Pookah

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