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Finished Morrowind, after some final obsessive playing over the weekend. I bailed on finishing the Thieves guild and Tribunal Temple missions, but finished 4 of the 10 factions before forging ahead with the main quest. Granted, there's one where you have to pick one of three, so it's more like 4 of 8 possible. But I was so close to the end and really just going through the motions to get it done that I just cut to the chase. The combats were getting really ... berserker. Totally down to the bum-rush-from-hiding technique. Not much was too nasty anymore. The ending was pretty cool, but eh. Not quite as much ending as I'd hoped for.

So now, off into Star Ocean: The End of Time. Back to the PS2, for this RPG has very impressive graphics and an interesting interface. The cut scenes and chatter has a lot more life to it than any other RPG I've seen, and I'm pretty sure it's got the best use of body language I've seen in a computer game. This will be fun, though it's also got a "don't quite quit yet" factor, as there's a bonus involved in doing well in consecutive battles that doesn't carry over if you save & reload. Ah well. It should keep me busy until I get to play Metal Gear Solid 3 ... yes, the game that made me go 100% fanboy is in my house. The game I should have KNOWN BETTER THAN TO PUT ON MY CHRISTMAS LIST. GAAAAAAH! It'd be harder to take if I didn't have Star Ocean to play. Oh yeah. MGS 3? Has the subtitle of Snake Eater, and a James Bond style opening intro song to go with it! Okay, time to calm down, Dave.

Woo. Good news on car front ... we may in fact have this new car tonight. Blue Subaru Outback wagon. The dual-tone with the grey bottom lining. Total spiffness. Which means next is guitar and couch. Rock on. And I'm soon to be a Bally's member. Their White Marsh facility? Also total spiffness. Much improvement over the Towson dungeon, and my wife got a good deal on signing us both up.

Face still peeling a bit. Not helping with positive outlook on life or desire to socialize. Bangs now long enough to brush one of the red areas on my right cheek. Doesn't appear to be detrimental if hair kept washed and non-oily. Eh. Well, guess I better pack up and scram.

- Pookah


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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 1st, 2004 06:36 pm (UTC)
Well, I fixed the link. Not to unflatter, but it was an empty link, which just links back to the current page, like I saw a link to my own journal.

But in better news, I also remembered which NIN song I was trying and failing to remember a while back. "Into the Void". That was the one. Second track on disc 2.

*snug back atcha*
- Pookah
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