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Dave, the Legend Continues

Had my first "transition" meeting today. Well, with the folks we're going to be working with, that is. It turned into mostly braindump session with a smidge of getting-to-know-you. Life, as always, is ever interesting. But I'll skip politics and questionable sensitivity of discussions and move on. For now.

Happily far along in Morrowind. Unhappily losing progress regularly to crashes. Bad graphics driver, no biscuit. At least the mouse I borrowed from the next cube has proven to me the usefulness of said mouse once I get one. I'm also spinning some other purchases around my head. Car ... that'll happen when it happens, and that's it. Guitar ... I definitely ought to learn acoustic first. Also the best for getting an eventual lesson or two from my dad. Couch ... needs more measuring before I dive into stores. My sales patience is low right now.

And musically, I've gotten a Morel album (Lucky Strike), but it was the only one they had. Still no Stoning of Steven for me except the digital music channel and some streaming media. Granted, D:Fuse rocks, but it's the principle of the thing. Song stuck in head + many playbacks = song out of head. Such a groove. Great, now I stuck it in my head again. Not that I don't like it, it's that I don't remember enough of it yet to be able to sing/hum/think the rest of the song through!

Skedaddlin' time, as this office is becoming a ghost town.

- Pookah

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