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Still haven't scanned the Otakon picture.

Still haven't written much.

I got addicted. To the game Morrowind. On my laptop. Made by Bethesda Softworks, Elder Scrolls 3. With no easy break-points I didn't have anything to say "Whoa ... get to the tasks and stuff ..." Between that and my extra nasty commutes lately, I ended up turning myself rushed. Constantly. So things started dropping off. That's no good. I skipped a couple weeks of my usual Monday night-ers, and even burned out on my "side work" for my company. At least I watched plenty of good anime lately. All of Witch Hunter Robin with a crew, and plenty of Cartoon Network's late night Inuyasha with my wife.

But it's like I woke up Monday after sleeping for a couple weeks. It went by that fast. And it's not that I haven't been writing. A couple bits of fiction on my PocketPC (which also serves as my MP3 player on my commute now, w00hah!), but that it.

So back here I go. Back here I need to go. To help keep me grounded, from vanishing into that bubble-ated hazy dreamworld of my imagination. I'm scared that one day my brain will physically detach from reality and I'll be a vegetable to the outside world.

I have to admit, I'm probably overstating the problem. Even though it was a video game obsession, I _know_ it'll run its course. Always does. There is an end to these things. Yet another reason I keep out of online games ... if I let them they'd suck me dry. It's not that I wasn't working, just that for three weeks I had two pastimes. Anime and video games. Mostly one video game (with the occasional game of Madden football thrown in). I'm not going to be stuck in it any more, but I'm going to finish it. I need to prove it to myself that I can hack it. I actually think it went hand-in-hand. I played until Inuyasha came on at 12:30 am, and sometimes through it and after it went off. That has made rising in the mornings very tough, and the tired-ness came through in my appearance a little bit.

More to come later ... probably ...

- Pookah

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