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Tonight, another Willy Porter concert at the Ram's Head Tavern in Annapolis. He's touring with Martin Barre, from Jethro Tull. One song they've done together previously made it onto Willy's live album. It's called You Stay Here, and it's awesome. Can't wait. Speaking of good guitarists, Leo Kottke is also coming to the Ram's Head soon.

As for my life recently, I guess I'll work backwards. Sunday was RenFest and soccer. I took the offer to provide drinks all day to get out of wenching (long story for another time) and discovered that running around playing soccer helped me sober up. Saturday was the Notre Dame vs. Navy football game up at Giants Stadium. So three friends and I all headed up to North Jersey at 0-dark-thirty that morning to get there by 10 am ... to realize we all forgot to grab beer for tailgating. Ah well, we took care of our thirst once we got inside. And Notre Dame won. Big. On the way home, LOTS of accidents on the road due to a hailstorm, so a three hour trip north became a five and a half hour trip back counting backups and detours around the shut-down section of interstate.

I need to get back to writing about these things as they happen more. I've been getting so wrapped up in running from one thing to the next I haven't been pausing to write, and I need to do that so I can remember better later.

And I need to scan in that Otakon picture one of these days.

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