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Sep. 21st, 2004

Daycycle under better control now. That's a good step. Organizationally, I'm using the PocketPC I bought from a coworker and using it on a regular basis. Now I just need to buy a belt clip for it so I carry it on a regular basis. Confidentially, I dislike having my hands full. Pockets, belt-loops, shoulder straps ... I dig 'em. Now I just need to get caught up on the things I've already dropped. Metaphorically I mean. Certainly gives me productivity motivation today. Catch up or slip further behind.

The weekend was bad. I felt really anti-social. Friday wasn't the best of days. Woke up early thanks to the pager going off, had to rush to make an early train, got told I could go home a little early then found myself part of a group going to grab a beer or two before hitting the Metro to go home. Promptly forgetting that I wanted to be home early because I got tasked with doctoring a spreadsheet for my boss he wanted before 9 am Saturday morning. Got home, felt weird, went to our circle-of-friends dinner anyway (my wife did say I could just stay home) and kind of regretted it. Dinner was chili, which was a pleasant surprise for my wife (who likes it). I had some, and it was good chili. Still not my cup of tea. Then a long loud argument broke out that started as a serious discussion on the topic of public funding for groups with a particular membership which veered off into pulling in religion and discrimination. I tried two or three times to summarize what both sides were saying and segue into a different topic, but to no avail. I got bothered by the invective and ended up moving to the next room. Ten minutes later, my wife said I could go and that she'd find a ride home and I did so.

Saturday I woke up to a phone call about that spreadsheet I'd forgotten to doctor up. The afternoon was spent on shopping. Framed a picture bought at GenCon (cool pirate chica). Snagged some new music from Best Buy, including some live Radiohead. Nearly got more, like the album by "The Killers", but shelved it for further review. That Somebody Told Me song is pretty good. Definitely catchy. Followed that up with car shopping. Two possible candidates for my wife's next vehicle: VW Passat Wagon or Honda CRV. I'm not too big on either company, to be honest, but the cars seem nice. It's also different being there and looking at it. I know I'm too good at "making do" to stay selective.

Ended up doing the "double-date thing" with my ex-roommate and his wife. It was fine and cordial, though there was an undercurrent of tension not worth going into here. Partly between the wives, partly my own subsumed misanthropy. All scheduled off the cuff, Olive Garden was packed so we split there and ate ... somewhere else ... then went to the movie theater to watch Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Sweet little movie. Like Hero it also had very interesting cinematography. The whole soft-lens effect on the whole movie. Very much evoked the feel of an old colorized sci-fi movie.

Sunday was football. Go Ravens! Woohoo! They woke up from last week's loss much better than I expected. Then again, it also proved how much they really need Jonathan Ogden in the game at offensive tackle. He's that darn good.

I ended up blowing off all plans and all offers of plans to do things and just stayed home, indulging my "WORLD, GO AWAY!" sentiment.

I even blew off Monday night hangout with the card shark.

Hopefully I'm over it. I'd rather not continue to carry around my own little black rain cloud.

- Pookah

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