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Jul. 30th, 2004

Tonight, I spent a couple hours at the bar. I enjoyed the first part, hanging out with my friend the card shark, but he's a lot more politically minded than I am. We had a beer or two and played some Golden Tee golf, but then the Democratic Convention came on TV. We both listened to it, and I know I recognized the rhetoric for what it was. I wonder about the truth of it, but I have to admit that Kerry is a decent speaker.

But, while I paid the tab my friend got into a loud heated discussion with someone else at the bar. After listening to a fair bit of the traded heat, I went to the other side of the bar and chatted with two guys who had made a funny remark or two about it. And had another beer, since I knew I had time to kill since I didn't want to just leave him there. But it really dragged on. From originally figuring we'd leave around 10-ish, we ended up sticking around to last call which was about when the guy he was talking to finally decided to leave.

I'm only peripherally interested in politics. I vote for who I think has the best ideas, the best head on his shoulders, and the best advisors to help him make the right decisions. This was definitely a conservative vs. liberal argument that was going on, and I wanted no part of it. I really didn't expect to hang around that long. Whatever.

I probably should have just left and said g'night, but I didn't want to just leave abruptly. It bit me in the ass a bit, I fear. I should be okay for tomorrow, but it's not what I expected out of tonight.

- Pookah

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