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Yes, I Live

I'm here. Kinda. I needed tonight, as grounding.

I spent last weekend in Chicago for a wedding. Visited Coyote Ugly with the bride's crew, walked around town, rode a boat on a backwards river (they reversed it years ago) ... it was a fun time with plenty of good pictures, but I wrecked my knees at one point and hobbled around a bit. Lots of car rides around town, but it definitely is a big city.

I've watched a lot of anime lately. Most of RahXephon, all of FLCL, some Trigun and Inuyasha, and a little bit of Witch Hunter Robin. I've settled on going to Otakon as Miroku, and it looks like it'll turn out okay. I've been postponing my next haircut until August to grow out just enough hair for the mini-ponytail style he's got. Got an outfit, and a friend is working on a thread of prayer beads after I bought the bits from Bead-azzled, a beading shop down in the city. It ought to turn out cool.

I visited Carolina around the beginning of the month. Went to Raleigh for a couple days and then across the state to New Bern on the inland coast, before spending one night at a B&B in Duck in the Outer Banks. Found the Brew Thru drive-thru liquor stores and the Try My Nuts Nut Company. Also spent most of a day on the water with my aunt and uncle on their boat ... but it was 99 degrees and pushing 100 so we didn't spend too much time in the sun. Definitely a good trip.

I think all the unreality unhinged me for a bit there. The imagination's working overtime and I've faded into dreamland a few times too many. Had some thoughts keep me up, kinda like tonight. Heard some things I swore were there. Yeah, it's been an odd life lately.

Well, I should probably get sleep, but I'll be back. Much sooner this time.

- Pookah

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