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Another weekend

Well, I'm patching over the mistakes of Friday. Saturday morning I awoke after three vivid dreams by 8 am, then slept in until noon and remembered details of two, but forgot the middle one whilst recounting the others. After a rainy day afternoon, I went to a company cookout (where we all stayed indoors) down in Rockville. Saw some familiar faces, and many of them with either more or larger kids than I'd previously seen firsthand. That's definitely the "era" of that circle. It was also my first chance to meet my boss's new son.

Sunday morning I know I had another vivid dream. It involved aliens (and I was one of them), but I woke up abruptly and don't remember much else about it. The babe had a bridal shower to attend and help run, so I was left to my own devices for the day. So, I went to a friend's house and we played a Blood Bowl match (the Skaven roll on!) and several games of Carcassonne with his wife. They've been mostly housebound since he had some brief surgery Friday morning. But he's semi-mobile now, thanks to the application of some well-placed frozen peas. They're better than ice packs, since they are less solid and conform to your body shape better. Just don't let them get mushy or they'll freeze solid and for heaven's sake DON'T COOK THEM AFTERWARDS.

Regardless, they left for Ikea and I left for home, followed by a late soccer game at the dome. Again we were on the indoor field, and again we lost, and this time no injuries for me! Well, I did bang my knee at one point, but not real bad. I made some crazy saves and let in a couple I want to have back. Then again, they skyballed a few open shots clear over the goal and I bet they want those back.

The only depressing part of the evening is when they spent the last five minutes trying to get one person a goal. I mean, come on. But our team just got tired and wasn't getting back on defense enough. The whole game the other team was usually scoring on set plays and passing around because they got too many odd-man rushes. Still, we're getting better. We worked the ball well, and had some good passing. Now if we can just get it together. As Leslie said, I'm tired of this losing crap. =) Don't expect me to throw in the towel before the rest of the team does, though.

- Pookah

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