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The company I work for was bought out towards the end of 1998. The president of my company was a very respectable and honorable man. He exuded honesty, and made me feel like he was the best man for the job. Disliking management types who overtalk everything, he is instead very laconic and to the point. He would stop by randomly to ask, "So, how's it going?" While I didn't always have much to ask about, sometimes I'd have one question that kinda bugged me or one topic that weighed on my mind.

After the buyout, they kept him on because the buyers knew he was running the ship and running it well. Now he's announced he's formally leaving the company, though he'll be a consultant and advisor to the new director of our branch of the overall corporation.

The new director unfortunately "talks the talk." He's been in management for a long time, and it's weird. From his speech patterns, his mannerisms, the occasional piece of actual talk in his Q and A session, word emphasis choices, and answering styles ... this guy puts me on edge. He talks like Dilbert's boss, probably is pretty good at managing, but he comes across as a guy who's too used to being there.

I'm a peon in my company. I know that. They showed the FULL org chart, and I'm so far down I could have played six-degrees and not reached the CEO. What's missing is that awareness of being valued. Especially when he says, "I've met with a lot of you ..." and this is the first I've even heard of this guy, much less seen him. His words are tightly measured, and you can hear in his tone when he's speaking off-the-cuff.

He certainly didn't change my mind to stick around at the company, but I will keep an open mind to see what his actions are. My personality reader is telling me to be skeptical.

- Pookah

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