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Phew. Security questionnaire done and mailed. I feel better now.

I also re-read that Blender Top 50 Worst Songs list, and I have to admit, I can sing part of most of them. And speaking as someone who's heard a lot of music, Blender is FULL OF SHIT. Come on, get a grip, they're hook-laden tunes with a specific appeal, but they're mostly listenable. You want worst songs? Go with badly performed or horribly out of tune. I'd prefer to see the Top 50 Worst Performances list. Everybody has a bad day, and some have REALLY bad days. Like Axl Rose getting pissed off and storming off stage, or Milli Vanilli's infamous voice-skipping incident. And how the hell is Clay Aiken up there when Kelly Clarkson is not! Some of these songs are just recent and overplayed, and others are just overplayed. John Mayer rules, though I do prefer his other tunes over "Your Body Is A Wonderland". Then again, I'm also a guy. Shiny Happy People by REM? It's not MEANT to be deep, damnit! Again, not my favorite song on the album (That would be "Texarkana"), but I still like it.

Yeah, Blender's list is mostly just meant to be controversial as opposed to being actual crap. Flamebait, as it were. But now that I look through it, I'm seeing several cases of "Not my favorite song on the album" in the list. Is that sad?

- Pookah

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