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The More Things Change

Yesterday I spent most of the day with my folks, as a computer repair phone call ended up covering four different issues across two machines. But the whole afternoon included lunching with my dad and my sister at a new nearby hot dog vendor.

Then the evening dinner plans were scuttled, as I got another computer repair call. Trouble with a friend's machine, which was denying the existence of the hard drive that was definitely installed in the machine. Turned out to be that the XP install was requiring a third-party RAID driver to detect the serial ATA controller and hard drive. And there were two different RAID controllers with two ATA connections each AND one of them had two different modes.

But add in my usual chattiness and it took up most of the day. So today, I've been helping prep the house for impending family arrival. We're cooking dinner for my parents, sister, and grandmother. First time she's been to the new house. I replaced our old beaten-up mailbox with the limp flag, took down the nasty wasp-housing non-functional lights strung up around the back porch deck, and fed the azaleas and lilacs around the yard.

Amongst all this activity and getting things done, I should send off the work status report that I've been procrastinating on. *smirk*

- Pookah

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