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Apr. 20th, 2004

I know I space out, but I've really been in my own little world since late last week.

Gaming news blip #1 is that I came in 3rd place in a Legend of the Five Rings CCG tournament on Saturday. After being barely on the scene for a couple months, it was good to come back with a vengeance. It was a sealed deck tournament, so a decent card selection helped.

Gaming news blip #2 is that I won the Blood Bowl league "Stupor Bowl" at the Arundel Mills store! Woo-hah! I was mega-worried going into the game, since my luck couldn't continue, could it? Thankfully, my bad luck got out of the way early. His bad luck came later, after I'd already scored. It ended up 3-0, but that was just crazy. To quote some of my Blood Bowl playing friends, the dice whored him. A couple of them even came out to watch me, and it really steadied my frayed nerves. I avoided the urge to sing "We Are The Champions" in the car on the way home. Instead, I went home and spent an hour weeding in the garden, pulling a plastic grocery bag's worth of dandelions. Very cathartic, and I relaxed quite a bit and got to spend some time outdoors.

Gaming news blip #3 is that I am making progress on Baldur's Gate 2 after putting it down for a long time. I'd started into on .Hack game #3, but have put that on hold until after I finish watching the DVD series, which my wife has stated that she's just going to get rather than wait. I was surprised, because it was her saying it and not me. I admit it, I was impressed. I guess she likes the series a lot, too. But really, after that, I don't think I'll have much in the way of entertainment spending outside of concerts for a while. Maybe a game or two over the summer, but I've got other stuff to catch up on.

- Pookah

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