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Well, I've survived since last we spoke. I bought a Christmas present for someone else, avoided buying post-birthday presents for myself, and saw most of my dad's side of the family on a non-holiday unplanned random Sunday.

My sister started her new job at an archeological dig today.
1) Her dig is across the street from my old apartment. Literally across the same dead-end road.
2) I just bought her the steel-toed boots I promised yesterday.
3) The same shopping trip got us both to a game shop in Towson, and we both ran into gamers we knew. She's apparently running a 7th Sea campaign, and was thrilled to borrow my book on the Die Kreuzritter society. The "Knights of the Cross", translated.

I bought myself a CD I've been listening to in mp3 almost obsessively at work, since I haven't been able to send the tracks home. And it saves me the step of putting them on CD to listen to in the car. Or while working from home, like today. It wasn't on my birthday list, so it isn't something-that-I-may-already-be-getting-but-have-not-yet-received. I should have put coolness points on my birthday list. They're good gifts and easy to transport.

Finally, I had a productive day, though I spent most of it on the phone with people. I rewrote two specs, tampered with another, identified my next coding task, and nearly flamed three different people over the phone for different wrong assumptions. I used call waiting FIVE TIMES. That's not supposed to happen. If it had all been on my cell phone, I shudder to think of the impact to my bill. Bleah.

- Pookah

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