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Oh yeah, and a milestone

Following which, I proceeded home, to continue the finishing of Final Fantasy X2. It's an addiction, I know, but I've almost kicked the habit. Finally got the "Mascot" dressphere. Okay, so they felt the need to change the outfit for each character for each job class. Some of them are way outlandish. Upon further review, the half-skirt for the Gunner outfits has a purpose, as it's on the opposite side from the holster. But I digress. The last (and hardest to obtain) job is the Mascot. Yes, mascot. As in Yuna, the high summoner who saved the world in the last game ... is now wearing a Moogle suit. Rikku's version is like Cait Sith from FF7, and then Paine is dressed up like a Tonberry. I couldn't help but laugh.

At any rate, this also means that I'm very very close to being done ... now I need to decide if I want to just finish the game, or if it's worth the added time investment of going through two long bothersome sidequests or skip to the good part and the coolest ending.

- Pookah

PS: In other milestones, we just talked about continuing contract future at my office and all I have to say is, "..."

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