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Recovering, finally

Well, my weekend was very low-key, and I spent half of it coughing or trying not to. I wasn't improving as much as I thought I was on Friday. I just kept drinking water or tea or soda. Keeping any kind of beverage handy usually did the trick. Tylenol Cold didn't really have an effect; I forget which variety it was.

The Moya Brennan concert was an exercise in endurance. I couldn't clear my throat, because it wasn't like a rock concert where you're drowned out by amplifiers. Instead, her band consisted of 5 members, between them 3 singers, 2 harpists, 2 bodhran players, a guitar player, a fiddler, and a keyboard player. Yes, there's a fair bit of overlap there. Moya herself sings and plays the harp. It was mostly new material with a few old Clannad songs strewn about, and even a random reel or two. I think it was two, with one having been written by the fiddler. But again, I suffered for my music, having to depart to the bathroom after two songs to have a loud coughing fit so as not to by exceedingly noticeable and rude. I went again after two more songs, and then fought it the rest of the show. I wasn't going to just keep getting up and going. I just hid the noise as much as I could during the applause. Moya was reasonably light-hearted, too, making a couple of jokes before a song when putting her harp in the right key became a bit of a production.

Sunday was mostly recovery time, which I basically spent on the couch playing FFX2. My one excursion of the day was out to lunch with my wife and my best man and his wife. We don't see them very often lately, but partly due to his wife's leg problems she's had since she slipped on some ice over a year back. It healed wrong the first time, so they did something and now it's much improved. Afterwards we played some games and chatted. It was a good time.

Monday was my first day working from home. Once I got a couple of setup-type issues out of the way, I was off and running. I also felt better that I didn't need to hassle with the commute (or spend too much time out and about hacking up a lung). I guess I get self-conscious about my sicknesses when it's more than a mild cold. Yesterday evening I ended up playing my Blood Bowl match of the week, and played a guy who had not yet lost. I beat him in OT, 3-2. I scored early in each half, he scored in the very last turn of each half. The trend continued in overtime when I won the coin flip, received the ball, and ran with it like the dickens. It was a gamble, as I had limited support, but that support was enough. Rock on! I guess we're rocking everyone else's world. I'm surprised I beat both Orc teams. I guess there's so many smashmouth teams they just can't change their strategy enough to stop me.

The big discovery yesterday was Robitussin Cold & Congestion. Finally, something that's working. I took some right before I went to bed, and I still didn't sleep well, but I'd just started. It's really helping today. Only one nasty cough fit.

- Pookah

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