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Yesterday was Breathing

Pipeline review to this point:

- Monday, Blood Bowl match - regular season Week 2, trying to keep the win streak going - Success! 2-0 for the regular season! But ... they're cutting back on their in-store support for the game. This will be the only season. Bleah.
- Tuesday, X-Box gaming on the big screen (aw yeah!) - Failure. Couldn't happen, due to controller questions and sickness.
- Wednesday, computer hookup time. Few people other than me would just happen to have a spare ethernet hub lying around for donation to parents. I almost bought one of those USB portable storage keychains. Semi-successful. Got the new computer all set up as the primary, with the old one connected up. But the two computers refuse to talk to each other. One's XP Home, the other's 95. This could be part of the issue. I'll try upgrading the 95 to 98 and after that, USB keychain storage here we come.
- Thursday, headed west right after work for ... The drive was weird, as we had to unroll one of the sleeping bags across the backseat. Made it squishier, and absorbed some of the shocks of the road.
- Friday, final prep and rehearsal dinner for ... There actually wasn't that much prep stuff. We just chilled around the bridesmaid's apartment we were staying in. I took a walk through Cincinnati for lunch just to get some air. I headed out through the flurries and eventually hit McDonald's, just for convenience's sake. Rehearsal dinner was fun, though I wondered if I was too loud.
- Saturday, Heather and Steve's wedding! Yes, she used to dress in black for the holiday, but this'll definitely change their whole sentiments towards it. And the wedding was a joyful moment for all present. I even got to help, as the guys were unfamiliar with the proper methods of donning a tux. Quote: "I buttoned my shirt, so what do I do with these studs?" "It's not a toaster, but you still shouldn't have pieces left over." And my wife, bless her soul, actually Danced. With a capital D. I was so proud. At least I am now. At the time, I just enjoyed it.
- Sunday, return trip And breakfast with the Dayton contingent. Another group that's running out of friends to marry off as an excuse to congregate. We're thinking of establishing FriendCon or something like it, and get everyone together on a rotating basis. That would be cool. The drive back was fairly scenic, until the sun went down, and then it was just driving through the darkness of western Maryland.
- Monday, probably my next Blood Bowl match (has to be done by Wednesday) Cancelled, as my next opponent is the one who's out on a tour of duty. Scheduled for Sunday.
- Monday, work from home on some coding I want to complete Not very successful. Tried my VPN and kaboom. Turns out my ID was misregistered, a situation which can be fixed by someone whose office is two doors down from mine. Granted, he's also out for the holiday. So I wrote some brief notes to keep semi-productive and pondered programming concepts while hashing my way through the first two chapters of my second trip through Final Fantasy X2. I hit 91%, and figured out a cool loop trick for my code! And I edited my wife's write-up for her big 40%-of-grade project for her final class. Yep, it's a "Seminar".

Upcoming stuff:

- Tuesday, breathe cover indoor soccer end-of-season tournament for Dad.
- Wednesday, go to the Ram's Head Tavern in Annapolis to see a band called Eastmountainsouth, preceded by dinner at Sean Donlan's. Apparently, they play a lot of this band on WTMD, one of the local independent radio stations.
- Thursday, ... something ...
- Friday, probably usual dinner, and likely go out drinking with former co-worker.
- Saturday, ... something ... stupid lousy memory ... actually, I think I'm supposed to go skiing. Need to call people to confirm if they're going with me.
- Sunday, last week's Blood Bowl game. I ought to let my next opponent know we'll be a little late in the week. For what it's worth, Colin Hay of Men at Work will be at the Ram's Head that night, too. Might be leaving something out, though.

February 28th, Rams Head yet again, Moya Brennan. Former singer for Clannad, sister of Enya, voice all her own. Tickets already purchased.

Potentially, The Church on March 7th, and the Gin Blossoms on March 27th. But Liz Phair is at the Recher in Towson on the 27th. Ack. And Sarah McLaughlin is apparently touring this summer.

And ... I think I forgot to post about Black 47 this month. It'll be good to be back in the concert attending cycle. As the music faded, I know my outlook got bleaker last year.

- Pookah

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