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Feb. 12th, 2004

Another item for the task list: next Tuesday, I'll be covering for my dad at soccer. His knee's acting up again. It's okay, I guess I don't overmuch mind. But I've been not refereeing for a while. Again, trying to fight the good fight against that over-committing thing. I hope it'll get easier, with time.

Like I'm realizing how tough it is to do things that rely on other people's presence. I had to reschedule my X-Box gaming on the big screen to next Wednesday. Yeah, I know, the packed schedule slides again. Ick. At least Monday is a federal holiday, and I should be back from wedding-ness by then.

And I stayed up a bit too late last night, watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Like Inuyasha, the Big O (not that, it's a robot!), and Cowboy Bebop. This was after getting home from the parents' place around 11 pm. The new computer set up fine. It's just that it's Windows XP Home, and refuses to talk over the network with the Windows 95 machine they had before. Grrr. So, it'll be a return trip, probably in March, to finish installing software and physically move the hard drive into the new machine. Just to make sure everything is still around. Need to remember to export data from Quicken first; that doesn't straight copy.

Note to self: Contact next Blood Bowl opponent about playing Monday. Anytime Monday.

- Pookah

PS: Feeling v. productive. New script runs fine, spotted and corrected two other minor bugs in someone else's code, and caught wind of a potential database problem while there's still time to wrangle with the DBA's over the topic. =)

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