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Nice quiet weekend

I finished up my weekend about the same way as I entered it: more inebriated than I really wanted to be. But I accept the fact that I certainly could've said no. Friday night's dinner ended up starting out with a large-dollar liquor run ... and it wasn't even our turn to host. But I got a case of Guinness, a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, and a bottle of Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale. The last I purchased because I've never before had a beer that was "tempered over burning witches". There was much pizza consumed that evening, and I was too full to contemplate more drinking than just the first Irish Car Bomb, even if I did aide and abet the consumption of 16 or 17 amongst 8 people. 8 very wobbly people afterwards. It was funny. We only had 4 sets of pub glasses and shot glasses, so we lined people up like horses at a racetrack.

Saturday was definitely quieter. I'd originally hoped to go skiing, then hoped to make it to a co-worker's wedding. But my wife had a big school project to start working on, and I ended up feeling iffy about going stag and going late after waking up late. So, instead, I spent the day organizing, breaking down some boxes and rearranging things to get rid of or condense the pile of stuff that had been behind our downstairs couch. I felt very effective in this endeavor. Later on, I had a good vacation-oriented chat, and then headed off to swim, though the pool ended up closed. To keep the trip outside from being a waste, I headed over to the mall and bought a brush and some paint. Then I hit Best Buy, and ran into Brian and his girlfriend. This was the former roommate/landlord of two of my friends, who I hadn't seen since my wedding, and that day he skipped the reception but I still have photographic proof he was there. Turns out his monitor died (like how mine had been fading previously) and he needed a replacement. Tricksy woeful fate brought us back together there. He and his girlfriend might turn up at a future Friday-night dinner. Coolness.

Sunday, I tried to continue the home-ness. It was cool, as we got to enjoy more of the spending-time-around-each-other vibe. She had schoolwork to do, so at one point I opted instead to head upstairs to paint instead of being a PS2-related distraction. Then, suddenly, the card shark calls. He's found a place he's moving into ... and is moving into it now. He had no help hauling stuff but me, and was moving into his cousin's basement down in Dundalk. Thankfully, there were only a few things to move, just a shelf unit, a TV, and the basics. But we did have to finagle getting a big entertainment center out of that basement that I'm positive was only assembled down there. Some interesting logistics and a lot of heaving later, it was in the upstairs living room for later reclamation. This basement had a bar in it, that was then sanctified by some rum & pepsi (Castillo Gold goes very well with Pepsi), and we watched the Philadelphia vs. New Orleans AFL game. Hey, it's football, and the cable jack down there was live. I think we got him situated pretty good. I still hope he and his wife work things out. Then I met up with some of the gang out at Bill Bateman's for dinner, followed by heading home instead of working on my parents' computer, now put off until Wednesday.

Plan for the week:
- Monday, Blood Bowl match - regular season Week 2, trying to keep the win streak going
- Tuesday, X-Box gaming on the big screen (aw yeah!)
- Wednesday, computer hookup time. Few people other than me would just happen to have a spare ethernet hub lying around for donation to parents. I almost bought one of those USB portable storage keychains.
- Thursday, headed west right after work for ...
- Friday, final prep and rehearsal dinner for ...
- Saturday, Heather and Steve's wedding! Yes, she used to dress in black for the holiday, but this'll definitely change their whole sentiments towards it.
- Sunday, return trip
- Monday, probably my next Blood Bowl match (has to be done by Wednesday)
- Tuesday, breathe.

Sometimes, you just get in the pipeline and go. It's like skiing a difficult slope. You can apply the brakes full pressure, but then you're really likely to wipe out.

- Pookah

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