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100 Statements

The Rules:
01. Copy this whole list into your journal.
02. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
03. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

Myself compared with madame rikkila!

1. I carry out conversations with myself.
2. I believe in love and a few other things.
3. My parents are alive.
4. I have always harbored a dire need for adventure.
5. I sing with a deeper voice than one would expect.
6. I understand my faith, but it's tough to explain.
7. I brought someone down from a bad trip by teaching him to think analytically.
8. I remember more books in my head than I own presently.
9. If I want to do it, I will think about it a lot even if I don't do it.
10. I still sometimes completely overlook sarcasm.
11. I like to make silly songs with no rhyme or reason.
12. The confusion between "its" and "it's" must END! This goes for all other your, you’re, two, to, too, there, they’re, and their as well.
13. I want to learn how to play the guitar very, very much.
14. I want the most comfortable yet subtlely stylish clothing collection ever and to pass it down as an heirloom.
15. I like the idea of a teaching God no matter how ridiculous it is. Sometimes you're the student, sometimes you're the example.
16. I want to continue avoiding having to fight.
17. My favorite word when I was 10 was “laser”.
18. I would be amused to know what the Nazis are saying in Indiana Jones.
19. I sometimes toy with my wife's ponytail, and it still makes her laugh.
20. I appreciate satire.
21. I see beauty in a large amount of things.
22. I once had a brief glimpse of hugging God.
23. If you think I’m too happy, you’re wrong.
24. Didn't think I could dance, but figured it out anyway.
25. I will write again very soon.
26. I have grudges I've held for years. I can put them aside, but never quite permanently.
27. I want to make music for myself and my friends...eventually.
28. I want lots of music for my birthday.
29. It bugs me when someone says, "What are you sorry about that for? You had nothing to do with it!".
30. I know some cool people online whom I've never met.
31. I like small fuzzy animals, and big vicious ones too.
32. I want movies, too.
33. Animal cruelty should countered with a right hook to the jaw and a big, awful speech for the first offense. Second offense is locked under my care for one week.
34. Moderation is good, but that also applies to moderation.
35. I would enjoy being a househusband.
36. I want to be everything else too.
37. I want to make pictures with words and get people to see the things I see and the way I see them.
38. I am thankful for all of those friends. :)
39. I want to see places that no one else has seen.
40. I believe that a lot of people see me as too self wild.
41. I can be very temperamental.
42. I carry with me all the negative things I've ever done or thought.
43. Mainstream hip-hop is retarded.
44. I have had my current job before. Kind of.
45. When down, I kick myself over my mistakes, even ones from long ago.
46. Some day I will be my father, at least according to pictures.
47. I want as many children as I can handle. I'll start with one.
48. I will always love every year except the one I am currently living in.
49. I admire those who can make pictures without words.

50. I don't have nearly enough time to spend with my friends.
51. If I lost my music collection, I don’t know what I would do with myself.
52. I like the idea of giving all of my friends titles (ex: Root the Red and Ian the Chaste).
53. I know way too many Daves not to give them all titles.
54. I'm really not that bad a guy once you get to know me.
55. I have a slightly smaller obsession with hats.
56. I am obsessed with a need to make things right.
57. I want my first daughter to be as proud of me as I will be of her.
58. Sometimes I just want to stand on the highest point of the earth, command attention and scream “I can teach you to be happy, healthy, and strong if you’d only listen to me!”.
59. I shamelessly steal ideas and pass them on.
60. I wish I talked with more of my lj friends on aim.
61. "nigger" is only funny in the right context, like making fun of people who use it.
62. I have trouble separating dreams and reality, thanks to my vivid imagination.
63. Smoking is a demon.
64. I've never met anyone as energized as I am.
65. I’ve never met someone who get as excited about little realizations as I do.
66. I try to tell my wife every compliment I mean, and only those.
67. I sometimes want to be ignored, but not maliciously.
68. I want to talk to everyone I meet.
69. I want people to examine their beliefs about life and God.
70. Financial independence was the day I took my parents out to dinner.
71. I am an expert Parallel parker.
72. I enjoy home too much to enjoy travel like I used to.
73. Growing up short, I am thrilled to be average height.
74. I like listening to myself think.
75. I sometimes obsess over whether I'm being egotistical.
76. I'm a very loving person.
77. I think I know how to get attention if I need to.
78. I am not sure I will ever die.
79. I don't like swallowing pills, they always seem bigger than they look.
80. I sometimes get squeamish about wanton destruction, even in cartoons.
81. I still haven't decided who my favorite artist is.
82. I do not fear death.
83. I fear leaving things undone.
84. Rapists should be removed from the planet. As quickly as possible.
85. I look at myself in nearly every reflective surface i pass. especially pots and spoons and other things that are image-distorting.
86. I admit it, some movies make me cry.
87. I don't watch those movies very often, but most I still enjoy.
88. Asian culture/religions fascinate me to no end.
89. I want to meet Mike Patton, John Zorn, Jack Nicholson and Johnny Depp.
90. I miss every friend I’ve ever met.
91. Once a year, I want temporary mastery of everything. Godhood. I'm willing to live with the consequences. (I would be benevolent, I promise.)
92. Recently I have rediscovered one of those lost childhood friends.
93. Green.
94. I live off books, music, and human contact, and wouldn't enjoy lack of the latter.
95. I enjoy physical exertion.
96. I will be a student of the world.
97. I cannot write porn.
98. I try not to plead with God, especially if I know his answer.
99. I have been recognized for my vocal abilities, but only a handful of times.
100. I can surprise myself with how easily I put my "face" on when cornered.

- Pookah

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