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Feb. 5th, 2004

While commenting on someone else's journal, I saw a reference to a book series I read a while back, and realized that I, with my new train commute, have lots of time to read again. Now I just need to find good things to read that won't cover my hands in newsprint dust. Any and all book suggestions taken.

While at the bar last night with Tim the card shark, I ended up in a discussion with a guy from Norfolk. Said he was a security guy for a band from Norfolk called Revery. I know it's spelled that way because he was wearing a t-shirt. We chatted for a while swapping stories, as I commented a few times about my journeys with Once Hush.

That was pretty cool. I didn't even expect to be going there last night. At first, I'd figured I'd just go home, then my A/V installing friend was going to meet me at JHU to have some fun testing out the video wall. The 3x3 large screen video wall. With an X-Box. Woo-hah! But alas, he had to cancel to do some family stuff. Then the card shark calls and, it being a Terps game night, whisks me out to Glory Days for the first half of the basketball game and over to the Crease for the second half. Turns out he signed his legal separation papers on Tuesday, and is now finding a new place to live. That's only difficult because he's got a dog, which limits the places that are willing to take him.
I wish him well, but I know I'm once of those limiting places. I'm not neat enough to have a dog around, and I know my wife probably wouldn't be thrilled with the idea either. Still, I wish him well. He's a decent guy, who I almost shared an apartment with years back.

- Pookah

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