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Ice Ice Baby

Yeah, it snowed and sleeted and freezing rained. I had to dig my car out pretty thoroughly. I worked from home for two days, but I knew I needed to come in today to get some of the latest news and talk with one of my coworkers about a high-priority task I'm supposed to help him with. He really hasn't given me much of the details, but I've got plenty of tasks to pitch in on until he does. But seriously, if he really badly needs my help, why doesn't he answer my requests for info?

Whichever. No matter how you look at it, life is still better over the past two weeks than it had been for months before. There's more hands involved, and I feel like more of a team. They're just as disorganized, but there's more steps in place. I may be getting up early in the morning to get down here, but I'm also getting out of here earlier than I did in Columbia.

Speaking of the old job, I wonder if that rack I was supposed to help assemble ever came in. It ended up backordered, and everything that was supposed to go in it arrived before I left. Darn my conscience, but I do feel a little guilty. But that's one of the things I hate about it. I put myself through a lot for them ... and got a lot of token "I want you to know we appreciate you"'s, before I was leaving. Now, I got a great sendoff, and plenty of people stepped up to say something after I'd turned in my notice, but is that really what it took? Oddly enough, I don't feel guilty about leaving the big project I'd been on. The new project lead can handle it, if she can survive until help arrives. It's more the sysadmin I helped hire. Granted, he fanned the flames of guilt himself, but we did chat a lot and go out for drinks and stuff, and I didn't intend to stick him with constructing the rack.

Enough about my old job. I found some relatively useless keys that still need to be returned to them, so maybe I'll give him a call and hang out or something. Heh. I always take way too much time to get over things. I think it's my imagination, dreaming of what might have been and wondering how I could've done better to make that happen. It took me a long time to realize not every problem was mine, and that not everything were things I could've fixed. I know people who are on the flipside of that equation, and I think I'm better off where I am.

At any rate, clean desk = clean mind = productivity++
Now I just need to help keep it that way. Always easier to institute an organizational scheme when there's little to organize.

- Pookah

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