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It's Snowing

Yes indeed, the "white death from the skies" is slowly blanketing my area.

Unfortunately, I'm watching this from my office building, not my house. No less impressive, but much less serene. Yes, more data entry tasks. I was taken to task for taking last month as a more-normal-workday month. All the deadlines that slipped were thrown in my face, with no mention of the tasks I've picked up from other people or the roadblocks that I faced.

Granted, I need to be more communicative about the problems when they arise, but it makes me no less concerned about the fact that there was no mention of my successes other than a passing comment about "We wouldn't be where we are without your help". I was also told that I need to figure out what I want to do here. I really just wish that it was more that I could do it HERE instead of in DC. I don't mind working in DC on an occasional basis, it's just much more difficult to keep in the loop and get all of my technical tasks done when I'm repeatedly downtown and spending most of my time in training sessions or meeting OR preparing for training sessions or meetings.

Good news, though. The DOJ crew is calling again. If I don't botch it, I may yet have an exit strategy. I can hope, right?

Kind of like how I hope I will be able to take the rest of my vacation time at the end of the month, since I have to use it by the end of the year or lose it. Two of my four days are booked to a trip to Phoenix from Christmas Day to the following Monday. The other two ... will really tick me off if I can't take them. I've also got a sick day leftover, and maybe even a floating holiday.

Then again, life would be better if I didn't have to be here all night tonight just to keep up.

- Pookah

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