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Magic? Heh.

I went with my roommate, I'll call him the cardmaster. He plays the card game Magic: the Gathering. Or as some call it, Magic: the Addiction or paper crack. I used to play the game myself. But, ever since my cards were stolen some years ago, I really don't play much any more. I've never been able to compete with the so-called money decks.

So they've got a tournament style called sealed deck. And the nice part is that you get a fresh new set of cards from which to make a deck, and what cards you get are the luck of the draw. Levels the playing field more, and fewer concerns about stolen cards. So ... there was one of these today, and he talked me into going. It sucked up the entire day.

I got blown away. My card selection was poor, and my playing skills a bit rusty. But I was still in a good mood until the last opponents I faced turned out to be two representatives of types of people I generally don't like.

The guy was apparently from Penn State, and drove down to Rockville, MD (near DC) for this tournament. So he had to get up at 4:30 am to do so. So late in the day he was tired, cranky, and playing the game while making half-assed comments like I got a mountain. I'm reeeeeally gonna win now. He also seemed to be of the I'm-so-goth contingent. He was just whiny and annoying.

Then the last game was a girl with an airhead-like speech pattern and inflection, but who was a major rules lawyer who could argue some of the intricacies of the rules of the game. The juxtaposition just bothered me. I think she was trying to mind-game me, but having previous witnessed her discussions, I wish she would've just dropped the act. I knew better than to underestimate her, and I wasn't distracted by the fact that she has breasts. At the end, I misplayed something but knew it instantly and she wouldn't give me the common courtesy of changing that. She even said she didn't think it would've changed the outcome of the game. I went 1-5-1 on the day. Whatever, if she feels the need to be a stringent asshole, she just damn well shouldn't sound so chipper about it. It was like being told to fuck off by a kindergarten teacher in front of her class.

Argh. At least there's a reasonable party tonight. And my girlfriend, wonder that she is, whipped up some food for us upon our return. Quite excellent. The day should improve.

And it looks like I'm hosting a bunch of people for the big football game tomorrow. Including my friend and his wife and newborn son. I'll get to see him outside of the hospital now. Yay!

- Pookah

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