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Long day's night & rejuvenation

Well, I pulled a 34 hour shift at the office Tuesday-Wednesday. Got a lot done, and still didn't get it all. But, that was partly due to making the mistake of offering to help the owner's brother with some data recovery. That took up some of those hours. I also spent at least 2 hours in a useless bitch session about my boss to THE wrong person. I may be getting an official reprimand for dropping the ball.

So. Anyway. Moving on.

I left the office yesterday a happy man and returned a happier one. I got to go to The 930 Club in DC to see a band called Delerium. This was their first tour, though they've been putting out albums for more than a decade. The reason for that is that the band is really two guys with a knowledge of electronica and a penchant for writing songs that sound awesome when sung by any one or three of a bevy of female voices. Their biggest single is titled "Silence", with vocals done by Sarah McLaughlin, and have had many other guest vocalists. They've got a new album out called "Chimera", and did plenty of those songs, along with some choice selections from other albums. Like "Silence", "Forgotten Worlds", and one titled "Twilight" which is a personal favorite.

And oh, boy, did they nail that one. With the volume cranked up and the bass turned up so high you could feel it shake your chest, they made "Twilight" a whole new experience. It's completely instrumental, and you could really see them get into it.

Time for another strike of Pookah luck. Sure enough, they are selling CD's in the back, and the first 30 people to buy one get a free pass to meet the band after the show! SCORE! One new CD and an orange wristband later, I joined a small cast of characters upstairs after the show and got to get autographs and briefly chat with Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb, the core guys of Delerium. And the rest of the players were hanging around downstairs. Except the drummer and guitar players, and I caught them right by the bus as I was on my way to the car! Kick ass! The bass player was definitely "a bad-ass chick". From the attire to the power-chord bass playing. I was thrilled. But then again, anyone who you can tell is really into the music gets bonus points from me. I found out that "Twilight" is actually their favorite song to play live ... nothing against the vocalists. There's just something about that song.

I'd say catch them NOW. But this was the second to last stop on the tour. One more almost-sold-out show in Atlanta and they're done for now. But ... I kicked in my vote for coming back around. Because I could sum up my experience in three words:


- Pookah

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