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Continued Life and Work

Wow. I've not updated in a while again. Gah. I NEED to get better at that, as I've even had my swiss-cheese memory pointed out to me a few times again.

Well, the latest news is tonight's concert. Today is a birthday, so I'm traveling with the birthday girl and two other friends down to Annapolis for a performance by a band called Seven Nations. Don't know much about them, and I've been serenaded by Radiohead and Snoop Dogg and Outkast for half the day (from my office mate's PC) so I haven't really been able to dig too deeply for it.

I've also been to two weddings the past two weekends. One in Rochester, NY (the babe was the maid of honor) and one in Dayton, OH. That one was held on campus at the University of Dayton. Somehow, we ended up flying into Columbus, staying our nights in Cincinnati, and the wedding and all related activities were in Dayton which is halfway between.

When I haven't been out of town, I've been working. Usually late, like 8-9 pm. The Wednesday before I left for NY, which was August 27th, I ended up at the office until midnight trying to get stuff done. I've been so busy I haven't even been able to get a haircut or schedule my Saturn for its 90,000 mile service. Geez, and not even 5 years old yet.

Ah well. Time to get ready to split and meet the group for the concert. I should put in some more and catch up with y'all.

- Pookah

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