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Quite the whirlwind day, to end quite the whirlwind week.

Last night, I got home and did yardwork, finally finishing up trimming the bushes out front. I cut out all of the dead branches in one of them, and ended up removing 25% of the bush. I was surprised at how much dry, dead wood there was. There's definitely a noticeable chunk missing now. We ordered subs from the local subshop, and it was delivered by our friendly neighborhood Niy. Unfortunately, his minivan slipped the serpentine belt on his way back to the shop. Apparently this has happened before, and recently. Engine's too hot to touch, so I help him out by driving for his last 3 deliveries.

So then after clean up and cash out it's time to get back to the van. One Chilton's manual and some tools and a tiny Maglite in hand, we made a valiant effort. For like an hour and a half we pushed, pried and heaved; we got our hands covered in oil and engine dust that still isn't completely off my fingernails. Only to discover that the air conditioner's compressor is way too loose. As in not quite attached to the frame loose. One of the bolts had been missing, and so the everyday jostling of the car must have cracked the assembly around the other one. The hoses were the only things holding it in place, which would probably be why it slipped.

Ick. So I took him to the rental car shop this morning on my way in. Followed by an unsuccessful trip to drop off Comcast cable equipment. They couldn't even get into their own building. Next errand, power cable from CompUSA for a new employee starting next week. I end up at the office at like 10:45. Bleah! To find out one of my co-workers has the virus that's going around. Sobiq-E, it's called. Double bleah! Thankfully it's easy to remove.

Then, two long discussions later, off to lunch. Back to Comcast, and this time with yet another coworker. A Johns Hopkins grad, who seems fairly knowledgeable about economics or at least extremely interested in the topic, as well as very cynical about Hopkins in general. Dropped off the stuff mid-discussion, then off to the Taneytown Deli, which is not in Taneytown. (Pronounced Tawnytown, for you out-of-towners) They make awesome extra-stuffed sandwiches. Very cool. It's just off Frederick Rd. in Catonsville.

Back at work, busyness resumed, including a 45 minute phone call with one of our clients. He's got some neat ideas for how to make less work for everybody eventually by doing a bit more soon. We'll see how it goes. I'll skip the rest of the work kvetching for now.

- Pookah

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