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D.S. Fin al Coda

And so that brings me to yesterday, where the head of our client office was called on the carpet for authorizing us to do work last year, during a time of a supposed ban on "new development". Thankfully, we'd done an analysis and created a user requirements document proving their system was not meeting their needs by their own estimation. That document came in handy as he defended his decision to move ahead with our system, stating that the upgrades were necessary for them to meet the reporting requirements handed down by upper-level management. The power of personal politics aside, he ended up in meetings all day yesterday as we waited to hear whether we would be disqualified for such a technicality.

The fact that this was a topic worthy of debate before the decision on a system has been announced is what makes me pause. Why seek to discredit him (and the system) before the decision? If it's just a political attack, it would be a stronger case to do so after the system has been rejected and then add in the comment that it shouldn't have even been done anyway. So ... I think it's safe to assume our system isn't being rejected out of hand based on technical merit. Small victory, but it's some hope that I intend to cling to until I hear otherwise.

Latest news: I spoke with another contractor who says she heard through the rumor mill that they've already started to contact the losers. In such a case, no news is good news. In a word, WOW.

If we land this ... this coudl be a huge contract ... and they're going to want to turn around everything in preparation for FY 2004 really quickly ... but talk about a coup ...

Goliath hasn't hit the ground, but I dare say the rock nailed him in the head for certain.

- Pookah

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