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Presentation Part 2 Recap

Suffice it to say that going second in last Thursday presentation order meant I got to see one of the other presenters first. I didn't eat lunch, and I really should have because it made me even more uneasy. The budget staff was present and shot holes in all three systems presented. Before I even started I knew a couple of things I was going to be hammered on, forms related to their jobs that we didn't have since we'd never been asked to do them. Even our own program's analyst pointed out a weakness or two. I got flustered towards the end and missed an easy example of one of the things they wanted to see.

But even the last presenter, the one who appeared to be favored by the man running the meeting, wasn't nearly as impressive. Their program didn't do nearly half of what ours did. Suddenly I didn't feel so bad as they also got picked apart by lots of questions. I felt like I could've done better, but it really worried me over the weekend, even though one of my coworkers kept telling me he thought it went acceptably well.

I should have typed this in on Monday or so.

- Pookah

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