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Well, the presentation went better than expected. More people were on my side than I thought there would be, and I did my entire company's presentation. The boss said I did all right, and the owner of the company said he was genuinely proud of me. I still could've hit certain points harder and spent more time on the system instead of the slideshow, but I did well. Some small solace before next week I do it again. But my boss is headed to Germany for 3 weeks. I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse ... we'll have to see. I'll bet on the former.

As for me, I'd love to stick around and watch Game 7 of the NHL Eastern Conference finals but I agreed to go camping this weekend and we are expected tonight. BLEAH! I'm no enemy of camping but the weather is CRAPPY, relaxing will be tough to achieve, and I'll spend half the weekend bored out of my skull thinking of the other things I could be doing and worrying about not preparing for next week.

That having been said and vented, I'll probably still manage to have a decent time. I usually do, somehow. In the meantime, you all take care of yourselves, and I'll catch up soon after I get back. Now to scout for some reading material; it'll not match lamb-herding for interest, but young mammals are always a good source of entertainment.

- Pookah

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