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It's Hard Not To Be Paranoid

... when meetings are being called with practically no prep time. I can look at it from the perspective that we might not have even been extended an offer to appear at this meeting originally, but when politics are flying and you find out about a big presentation where two other potential systems are also being demoed only two days in advance it becomes extra hard.

So yes, I'll be slaving over a presentation that could conceivably make or break the major project I've been working on for a year AND that is a large part of my annual review. I thought about fighting it at review time, but gave up before I started. What else would've gone there in its place?

The last thing I needed was yet another surprise. I've been trying to pull a bunch of things together and the pile only gets bigger. It's like trying to lift a huge laundry basket while people are throwing more clothes in. Am I stressed? Yeah. You could easily say that. Life is never dull around here, but I refuse to turn my life into my work. I don't like it here enough. I still push myself hard sometimes, but it will never be worth 80-hour weeks.

Geez. So now it's get the presentation ready AND do the site deployment. And the other side project I've worked on has "slid", though they never told me their schedule.

- Pookah

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