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Big Weekend

Wow. It was crazy.

Thursday: Nastyevilbadbad sore throat, thanks to a postnasal drip from draining sinuses. I'd thought I'd breathed too easily earlier in the week ... gah. Turns out the best remedy was gargling with warm salt water. Heh. Granted, I then had to blow my nose for the next few days, but that's better. Bought the "Enter the Matrix" video game, which is wicked cool. Need to see "Matrix: Reloaded" sometime soon. Found out I was going to be part of a presentation to a Deputy Assistant Secretary (as in two steps removed from cabinet member) about the website project we've been working on for a while. Panicked. Stayed up until 2 am trying to add a feature to the big project from a year-old demo at boss's request.

Friday: The weather was horrible, and it took two hours to get to DC. Turns out my boss didn't want the feature added to the current site, he just wanted that old copy of the demo deployed and working to show off one feature we had scrapped that they might have liked. Heh. Survived the meeting thanks to warm tea to keep the throat in line. Got by without it in the presentation, which went as well as could have been hoped for. It was mostly question and answer, covering the whole site while mainly focusing on features that would have the most impact to their uses. Got post-meeting attaboys from my boss, the owner of my company, and a DOE person in that area.

Friday evening: 2 hour drive back from DOE, thanks again to the horrible weather. Then hopped in my car for a ride up to Rochester, NY, for my ex-roommate's wedding party. His wife, Becky, has a lot of family up there. My friend Alex rode with me for the trip, and we spent the time split between talking and vegging out to good music. Our musical tastes are very in-line; it was sweet. But 6-7 hours more driving. Ick.

Saturday: After 6-7 hours of sleep, I woke up and headed over to my mother-in-law's place to do breakfast and chat. She lives 2 miles from my ex-roommate's mother-in-law, so I wanted to stop by. Got back in time to caravan to the party. Big lunch, lots of talking. I made two new friends, though. Becky's nieces. One of them, Emma, is very hesitant to talk to people she doesn't know ... and at the end of the party she and I just started talking and talking and talking. Her little sister also chimed in from time to time. I know at least one of the women at the party looked at me and "awww"-ed. Then when we went back to the house, she wanted to know if I'd color with her. After coloring, I played a wild game of spades with the menfolk of the Baltimore contingent before Alex and I got back on the road to come home, thanks to both having Sunday plans. Thanks to a lack of traffic, we made excellent time, and got home before 1 am.

Sunday: Soccer games required me to be at the field by 8:30 am, and they even tacked on a fifth game for me to help officiate. I ran a middle for two of those five, and the latter one turned into a track meet at the end, with fast break after fast break. It was good to stretch out my legs, but I'm paying for it today. Plus I know one coach that likes me and one coach that hates me. Thankfully, from different games. I got home and soaked in the tub to ease the muscles. Ahhhhh. Then Alex's girlfriend paid a visit to see the new house and pick up his wallet. He'd left it in my car the night before.

I keep busy, eh?

- Pookah

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