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Ah, hockey. Screw the sport of kings, as there's very few royals left. I grew up playing soccer and swimming, so anything with continuous action was a lot easier to understand. It took me a long time to figure out why 1 hour of playing time made for a 2 hour basketball game or a 3 hour plus game. I've since grown to like football, but I used to be REALLY short so I never quite got into basketball. I might play ball, but I only watch Maryland (#6!) to cheer them on.

So if you hockey nuts out there catch the Capitals game, I'm one of them fans in the upper deck. Which one? Feel free to guess. I don't stand out in a crowd enough to be located easily even if I did wear something that'd be easy to spot.

I still don't know who they're playing tonight, but I do know I'll be at Fado's, an Irish pub in DC's Chinatown where most of the furnishings were brought over. It's very cool, and the bartenders are very good. I used to drink there after work before my office was moved. It comes highly recommended, as does the Bookmaker's Steak Sandwich. Mmmmmm.

To quote Zorak:
Smell ya later, get a job.

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