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Cirque du Soleil

My wife and I braved the winds to attend Cirque du Soleil last night. The traveling show of Dralion is current stationed in Baltimore, taking up a hotly debated parking lot in prime territory on the harbor downtown. The parking lot is only debated because it had been a closed-off unusable "brownfield" for years as the site of a former electroplating company that had a problem with some leaks and was barred from use for many years.

But the show was fabulous! The awe and spectacle of a circus, combined with artistry and music together in a unique style that Cirque du Soleil has made their name by. And the clowns were outrageously hysterical. "Wha?!?" is a quote I'll be using for a while, I think. Said in a kind of what-are-you-looking-at-me-for tone, it'll definitely remind me of the antics they had, including the most fun you can have with removeable hairpieces and a staple gun this side of the psychiatric ward.

It's definitely worth a trip to see, but then again, I am easily impressed. I'd try to put words to all the acrobatics, juggling, flipping feats, aerial manuevers, and other things that were going on, but they were difficult to describe. Check the Cirque du Soleil website for some pictures as they would be more descriptive than what I could come up with.

- Pookah

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