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Yes, it is I who is not "sure" for lack of ability to raise my arms up high. I ache a little bit, but it's a good ache.

The walls in the living room and dining room have gone from vibrant (bright is an understatement) peach/salmon to a pleasant faint aquamarine that was labeled "Mystic Seaport". Like the ocean, it's green in certain light, and othertimes blue. Very nice. But four people putting on two coats of primer and two coats of paint AND deciding to redo the kitchen led to all of us feeling like we're mildly arthritic. But any more people involved would have been difficult to handle in terms of availability of paint and brushes and rollers. There was a lot of "cutting out" to do, getting the edges and corners no roller could do well.

Since I worked (DC trip) on Friday, I missed part of the start of the fun. I will admit, my wife did more than I when it comes to the painting. But she did have more availability and drive to do so. She was also more meticulous (a.k.a. slow) about certain parts, though I think that was partly tired arms combined with her attention to detail. It is possible to try too hard.

Heck, we ended up doing the kitchen in off-white and pulling down the strawberries-and-vines border that was in there. To get behind the refrigerator we had to move it, and the water line to the icemaker developed a crack. Grr.

But I also spent a short break on Sunday fixing a stepstone out back that leads up the hill. The "english garden" that's back there is not exactly extra pretty right now, but it would take a shade-loving shade grass to survive back there. The afternoon and evening sun will soon be blotted from our house's skies by a sizeable patch of trees once enough leaves sprout and unfurl.

But before I worry too much about the outside of the house, there's a small leak in the roof probably due to a dent in the ridge vent along the crest of the roof on the lower half (split-level means two half rooves). This wasn't caught during the inspection because of the snow, most likely. It's either recent or minor, since the heavy snow and subsequent melt didn't cause major damage. We'll find out. Besides, we've still got a lot of junk to haul this week, as my old keys must be turned in next Wednesday.

- Pookah

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