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Well, hopefully this Sunday I'll actually have soccer games to referee. Last Sunday's games were cancelled due to field conditions being too soggy. Lame, I know, but when they're concerned about letting the kids play and then having to re-sod the torn-up field, I guess I can't argue too much.

No telling what the future holds from here besides the upcoming house stuff. Oh yeah, my roommate is getting married next month, too. Another friend of mine is having serious marriage trouble, but they've had a yo-yo kind of relationship for years now. There's also a child involved, which makes it doubly complicated.

Me ... I guess I'm here. There's so much to do at the office I've been spending a ton of time there. I've been doing less coding lately and more paperwork and administrating, picking up some of that slack from my boss. But also I've been corresponding with the client a bit more. Who knows. Maybe if I can whip this huge-ass project into shape and keep everybody happy without running myself completely into the ground I might be able to get a hefty raise out of it. Either that or set myself up pretty good for my next job.

And is there news on that front? Not really. I mean, one resume isn't "pounding the pavement", so to speak. If I did leave, things around my company would get REALLY hectic, and I don't think they'd have much good to say about me. But I've already brought up my concerns over being the single-point-of-failure for a few things. We'll see where it goes.

- Pookah

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