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Busy, busy, busy

Toad the Wet Sprocket ... goodness I missed those guys. At any rate, I went to see them back on March 5th, and what a kickass concert it was. It was good to see the guys, and I even caught up with Joe, the merch guy who I traded the shirt off my back for his collection. Granted, it was for another shirt (have to have one at these concert venues) and an after-show pass. Ended up saying hi to him after the show, and he gave me another after-show pass. *SWOON*

I chatted with the band, and even ran into someone that knew my wife from concert-going in Ohio. She was planning to head back there, but crashed on our sofa that night to get some rest instead of trying to go back immediately. They're as cool and collected as ever, and I so desperately hope I can see them again. Talk about a mental "lift". I needed it. My morale had been horribly low.

Work is sucking again. I've worked every day since March 3rd, am currently at the office deploying a website, and get to be on-site in DC on Monday and Tuesday. I even missed another L5R card tournament today.

Well, at least house stuff seems to be going smoothly. I really need to start packing, but when? I had to spend this morning at the DMV getting a new driver's license. My old one would've expired tomorrow, on my birthday. I did manage to scrounge up some boxes, but haven't put a thing in them yet.

- Pookah

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