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Moving Day

Sort of, at least. People in my office have been moving around, and it's supposed to include me. My friend Alex and I ran cable Sunday night after I got back from my cousin's place in the Poconos. We got a late start, and ran out of cable and had no jacks to begin with. Thankfully, Alex bought the jacks and hooked up the three important ones for where other people would move into the new space on Monday morning. I will be moving into a room that will have three jacks in it; we just ran out of time to pull down the other two cables. So ... I'm not quite moving yet. I will have a window once I do.

But this is also my day at the office instead of in DC at the Dept of Energy. I've been running training sessions for the past two days and am booked solid for tomorrow, too. Bleah. I had an 8 am training session and ended up staying down there until 6 pm, spending the last hour or so working on a report from the old system for one of our clients. That meant I left home before the sun had risen and left DC after it had set and only an orange glow remained in the western sky.

When I quit my DC job working for the Dept of Justice, this wasn't quite what I had in mind.

- Pookah


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Feb. 7th, 2003 07:26 am (UTC)
My last office move I went from second floor to basement while they redo our offices...a few days ago I found out, our offices up there have already been filled so when they're done fixing them, I have to stay in the basement :/ not good when the projection room I constantly work in is on the second floor as well :P
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